Alabama’s Best Travel Locations

Alabama has some amazing travel locations to both entice and excite the avid traveler. There are many reasons to enjoy visiting Alabama and among the reasons are the beautiful coastline, the lovely countryside filled with large trees and acres and acres of grassy farmland. Add to that the Southern charm, and you have all you need to know that visiting Alabama will be a great adventure.

One of the best travel locations in Alabama is the Gulf Shores on the Gulf of Mexico coast. There are over 32 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches and lovely ocean water for you to swim in. You can rent a boat and go water skiing and sightseeing. You can even go fishing and try your hand at catching some of the ocean’s bounty. Another great thing you can do is just enjoy hunting for seashells along the coastline. There are some luxury golf courses along the Gulf Shores that you can visit and they are among some of the best on the East Coast. If you fancy a game of golf, you will enjoy the immaculate golf courses along Gulf Shores. There are a plethora of fantastic restaurants and pleasant hotels for you to enjoy your beach stay. There are various hotels right on the beach to make your trip even more memorable

Another of Alabama’s best spots to visit while you are there is Cathedral Caverns near Huntsville, Alabama. It contains the world’s largest Stalagmite and the world’s largest frozen waterfall.. It is one of the most scenic and breathtaking locations in Alabama that will inspire you for hours upon hours and you will remember for a lifetime. It contains around 14 acres of caves for you to explore. It contains convenient paved walk ways which are lighted to make navigating it easy. You won’t be able to look away even for a moment. Is is almost eerie because it will seem quiet for a while but then you will see something absolutely amazing almost every foot that you take. There are some guides as well to make the trip a little more informative and factual if you would like to find out even more about these amazing Caverns

Of course we can’t forget about Alabama’s interesting state history. A great place to visit would be the Edith Newman Culver Memorial Museum. It contains a collection of Alabama unique antiques, Civil War relics, Native American artifacts, and displays from the military. The building that the museum is contained in was built in 1872 and is truly a representation of Alabama around the 1870’s. It’s a very interesting place to visit and you will learn a lot about Alabama.

There are all some of the best travel locations in Alabama to make your experience a truly memorable one. Seeing the beach, visiting the world’s largest stalagmite and largest frozen waterfall while venturing through 14 acres of caves, and learning fascinating things about Alabama’s history should make your vacation complete and truly unforgettable.